The dogs on the reservation need your help!  image

The dogs on the reservation need your help!

You can prevent more strays and dangerous pregnancies by covering the cost of a spay surgery.

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Help us provide more spay and neuter surgeries to dogs in need

Did you know that a single female dog, her mate, and their pups can produce over 67,000 offspring in just 6 years? In 2016, it was estimated there were over 250,000 stray dogs roaming the Navajo Nation. The life expectancy of these stray pups is just two years unless rescued due to disease, lack of resources, and predators. This overwhelming stray population stems from the issue that the majority of dogs on the reservation are unaltered, including the owned dogs.

The biggest reason owned dogs are unaltered is that many Native Americans cannot afford these simple surgeries. Only two veterinarians serve the entire Navajo Nation (an area the size of West Virginia), so there is very minimal access to spay and neuter. Not only are these clinics booked out for months, but only one in six Native Americans have a working vehicle, and gas along with the price of medical care for pets is too high. Underdog is here to help!

We contract out a mobile clinic to go directly to remote communities on the Navajo Nation to provide free spay and neuter surgeries and other necessary medical care to owned animals. We bring thousands of pounds of pet food donations and other requested donation items to communities such as hygiene kits, winter coats, and backpacks and shoes for children.

For just $40 you can support the spay/neuter, de-worming and vaccination of a dog at one of our monthly clinics on the Navajo Nation, helping us to create happier, healthier communities to those in need.